CASA CULTURAL PERUANA of Toronto is delighted to announce that our CANADIAN MULTICULTURAL PERUVIAN FEST, returns this year as an in-person celebration in Toronto on Saturday July 27 and Sunday July 28 (date and time to be confirmed).

In addition the event will be broadcasted live via facebook and youtube @CASACULTURALPERUANA.  Please Hashtag #casaculturalperuana when you are posting your videos and/or photos.

At the Festival, visitors have the opportunity to experience being ‘Peruvian for the Day’, but the Festival is much more than the celebration of the Canadian Peruvian’s heritage — it is also a celebration of Canada’s multiculturalism. We have diversity of Latin American dishes at the heart of Toronto so that our audience can enjoy tasty multi-ethnic dishes.

The Choliwood Celebrity Stage will feature everything from Peruvian, Latin American and Multicultural folk, from Pop to Salsa, merengue and much more. The Choliwood Celebrity Stage in Toronto features more than 20 free performances.

We also offer a “Let’s Dance” program, where participants can learn different cultural dances from multicultural dance groups.

Don’t forget to check out “The Choliwood Celebrities Zone” featuring activities and guest appearances from Toronto and the world, and the “It’s All Peruvian To Me”.
Bring the kids to the Kids’ Fun Zone

You can also fill our preregistration form by clicking here

At this time, we invite performance ensembles of music and dance of all ages from GTA area to send in expressions of interest for performance for CANADIAN MULTICULTURAL PERUVIAN FEST featuring live in person event at  NATHAN PHILLIPS SQUARE in downtown Toronto. If we have not had you with us in the past, please send us a video of your work. 
Live in person Performances should be approx. 20-25 minutes long, An honorarium will be provided to all live in person performing groups who strictly complies with the following bases and general conditions requirements:

1) sending us your artistic profile, photo and recorded videos material to be use in our Podcast Voces del Peru before or during the event. click here for guidelines for virtual submissions   Deadline: April 30, 2024

2)  perform for a minimum of 20 minutes in our in person live event, and  

3) Go to the “Choliwood Celebrity Zone” to greet and take photos with followers or audience during the event. Folk Dancers are welcome to walk around after their show during the event in folk costumes to greet and take photos and videos with audience.

4) Hashtag #casaculturalperuana by posting at least a small video and/or photo during the event by correctly naming:



c) place of the event: (tbc) TORONTO, CANADA,

d) dates and times: JULY 27 AND 28 FROM 9:00AM TO 10:00PM

e) invite audience to  HASHTAG #CASACULTURALPERUANA by sharing their taken photos and videos of you during the event,

Interested groups are requested to please contact: